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Code 13 request for absence approval

Requests for an Excused Absence for an Educational Trip or Unique Life Experience (Limited to 5 school days per school year)

A unique life experience may include an educational field trip, athletic competitions not sponsored by the school, unique family circumstances (i.e., deployed parent visit), and/or career or alternate work experience.

An educational trip is one in which either the student is actively receiving instruction through a structured program directly tied to the curriculum, or the student is actively visiting another school, program, or college in preparation for potential future enrollment. Siblings may also be excused.

A “vacation” is not an educational trip or unique life experience.

To request an upcoming absence to be excused for these reasons, you must complete the "Parent Request for CODE 13 Excused Absence" form below at least two weeks in advance and submit it to Garcia Dixon, Supervising PPW, at for Central Office approval. This form is also available on our school's website.

Code 13 Request for Absence Approval